Sunday, 11 August 2019

How The Samsung One UI Can Help You Focus More Clearly

How The Samsung One UI Can Help You Focus More Clearly 

Samsung Made One UI for Focus Samsung has as of late started taking off Android Pie to its Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 gadgets, and it accompanies another UI, named Samsung One UI, which has the objective of helping you focus on the things that issue most. The overhauled interface is intended to enable you to concentrate on the significant stuff without overpowering you with information. 

The main thing you'll notice is a cleaned up screen. Samsung has made it with the goal that you'll see a greater amount of the data you need and less of the stuff you don't. They've isolated the screen into two fundamental parts: the survey region and the collaboration region. Putting significant data in the top survey territory will enable you to know right away what you're taking a gander at, while the lower communication zone will enable you to do what you have to in a moment.

Big Phone? No Problem

Hand using One UI on a Samsung phone showing interaction area and viewing area.

With the rise of massive phones like the Note series, it can be tricky to reach interface elements at the top of the screen when using one hand. Samsung’s new One UI moves important buttons and tappable elements closer to the bottom of the screen so you can tap easily without straining. 

There’s a new Dark Mode that helps you focus only on the things important to you when you’re viewing your phone in a dim room. Samsung also simplifies the imagery you’ll see, like when your next alarm is scheduled for at the top of the screen. 
Looking at the Settings page, for example, Android Central notes that it’s been simplified with related settings grouped together. Email, notes, Phone and other Samsung apps have also been given a refresh to only show important information when you’re using them. 

Samsung One UI Focus On Visuals

Samsung has also updated its visuals for better clarity and contrast. That will help you see things more easily. Even better, many of the new One UI elements will be tweaked to match the specific hardware you’re using. If your phone has specific colors on its case, you’ll likely see those colors in the user interface more often. 


Check out that new photos screen - rounded rectangles show you a thumbnail of the stuff contained in specific albums. No more, no less. It will be easier to find what you want when searching for a specific picture or album. 
Ultimately, Samsung’s new One UI should help us all focus on our productivity more. Sure, design changes like this can take some iteration, but Samsung’s push to declutter and help us see what we need to is a good step forward. 
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